Welcome To DVS

About Us

The school founders are highly educated, philanthropists & committed to serving society through the education field. Our School takes leadership seriously and its concern for character building is a point of distinction. The mission has never been narrow to prepare students for intellectual excellence, but rather to provide an experience that goes far beyond academic requirements addressing important personal aspects of growth and maturity.

DVS believes that the teachers take part in students’ lives. DVS teachers do what the best teachers do; they not only support the highest level of academic activity but also create a special form of life for the students. This relationship between students and teachers reaches beyond the classrooms and nurtures the spirit as it challenges the mind.

  • Our Vision:

To evolve as a national and international center of advanced studies and to cultivate quality human resources. Our college is aware of and responsive to the needs of its diverse student body as they prepare for life in a rapidly changing local and global community.

  • Our Mission:
  1. To provide excellent academic, physical, administrative, infrastructural & moral ambiance.
  2. To promote quality and excellence in teaching, learning &research.
  3. To preserve and promote uniqueness and novelty of regional languages, folklore, art &culture.
  4. To contribute towards building a socially sensitive, humane &inclusive society.
  5. To cultivate critical thinking that can spark creativity and innovation.

  • Our Promise:

As leaders and pioneers in education, the excellence of our learning system and the success, which we are able to generate, for over 21 years. is testimony to our capability in shaping tomorrow’s responsible global citizens We pride ourselves that we can offer the best education possible.

  • Our Excellence:

The world-class residential education system here is enabling students from Karnataka and neighboring states to gain access to the most advance teaching facilities empowered by top-notch faculty.